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Integrated Marketing Communications can help you coordinate and integrate all marketing communication strategies and tools to establish a direct relationship with your customers.  The main priority is to focus on consumer, cost, convenience and communication using the following mix: Internet marketing, online advertising, public relations, social media marketing, image creation & branding, graphic design, commercial photography, video & television production, website design & construction, website positioning and marketing consulting services.


  Integrated Marketing Services in New York

Our marketing and video production team can create a compelling script to present your brand and message, shoot the video on your premises using professional HD Sony Cameras and audio recording devices, take high quality pictures and edit the final promotional video incorporating cutting edge technologies and software prior to integrating it to your website and social mediaInternet marketing & advertising with video can reach your intended audience in an engaging and powerful way.

Internet Marketing Solutions for Business, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing.
Internet Marketing Solutions

Internet marketing is dominating the way we live and do business.  Website visitors prefer to view interactive web video ads and take action after viewing them. Interactive videos are an economical powerful marketing tool that is changing everything we do.

If you are willing to keep up with technology and ready to project a strong and competitive image online…then, you need to partner with Marketing ProVideo and start conveying your message in a clear, entertaining and effective way while captivating and engaging visitors in an unforgettable experience that motivates them to take immediate action = more traffic, sales and profits.

Marketing ProVideo offer you the best way to reach and engage your clients using the power and popularity of the Internet and social networking online.  Open a wide array of opportunities for you and your business today!

Stay ahead of your competition by using the power of video on your window display, website and social media. Promote your brand, products and services in an interactive, entertaining and engaging way.  Transform your website into a traffic generating tool.

Our professional and experienced video and television producers, camera operators and editors can take care of every aspect of pre-production, production and post-production to make sure your videos can communicate your message on multiple levels using creative images, engaging text, relevant video, voice overs, stimulating music and colorful titles.

We can create videos that are unique to your business with overall effectiveness.

Increase the visibility, credibility and prestige of your business in the most timely and cost-effective way by using promotional videos and enjoying the benefits of experiencing  a significant increased in traffic, sales and profits.  An attractive and interactive website can inform, educate and influence existing and potential customers 24/7 while reducing your customer service expenses.  Your virtual presence is always available any time and day of the year.  Keep in mind that when your business is close you actually lose clients to your competitors that’s why your virtual present is essential to your business.

Incorporate web videos into your site to attract visitors, grab their attention and motivate them to do business with you.  A high quality promotional video can give online visitors a visual and interactive opportunity to get to know your business, products and services.  Give your prospective clients the information they need whenever they are ready to do business with you.  Think in terms of visibility as an intelligent business initiative!

Unlimited Possibilities for Creative Videos:

When it comes to evaluate the application, value and effectiveness of promotional videos only the sky in the limit.  Videos can be used for multiple purposes…here we suggest some:

  • Commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Interactive Photo Galleries
  • Interactive Catalogue, Brochure, Menus, etc.
  • Virtual Tour of your premises
  • Promotion of new products, services and specials
  • Promotion of special events
  • Samplings of your products and services
  • Interactive Tutorials

If you can think of any use of video for profitable reasons…we can team up with you.
For a free evaluation and analysis of your business, please contact us:

Marketing ProVideo - Internet Marketing & Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Video Production Services in NY.

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